Life Design

If you're ready for change, 

you're ready for coaching.

This one-to-one coaching program is a partnership designed to support you in taking full control of your life. You'll gain clarity of mind and connect with what you truly want as you explore your relationship to your health, career, money, personal growth, fun & recreation, physical environment, family & friends, and your significant other/romance. This is an opportunity for you to clarify and define your personal vision for yourself and make way for stepping into your most awesome life. 

You do not need to navigate this on your own.

You’re ready to explore your deeper feelings and share what’s important to you. You know that if you clear away the self-doubt, guilt, confusion, and limiting beliefs and get to the heart of things, you will feel more grounded and confident as you step into new ways of being in your life.

You need someone who is totally focused on you. This is where I come in! I listen intently as you explore your thoughts and feelings, use powerful questions to guide you deeper into your truth, and offer fresh, intuitive insight along the way to help you see things in a new perspective. It's like having your own co-pilot for your life journey - someone who helps you stay the course (and safely get through the turbulence).

I am here for you.

The program includes:
  • one preparation package
  • one 90-minute foundational session
  • two 60-minute coaching sessions per month (via Skype)
  • email communication throughout

Available in 3-month, 6-month or 12-month packages. 

An initial consultation will determine if we're a good fit for one another. Click here to connect and share your information and we'll go from there.