If you're ready for change, 

you're ready for coaching.

You’re ready to explore your deeper feelings and share what’s important to you. You know that if you clear away the self-doubt, guilt, confusion, and limiting beliefs and get to the heart of things, you will feel more grounded and confident as you step into new ways of being in your life.

You need someone who is totally focused on you. This is where I come in! I listen intently as you explore your thoughts and feelings, use powerful questions to guide you deeper into your truth, and offer fresh, intuitive insight along the way to help you see things in a new perspective. It's like having your own co-pilot for your life journey - someone who helps you stay the course (and safely get through the turbulence).

You do not need to navigate this on your own.

I am here for you.

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach. This is a relationship that fosters growth and momentum towards your desired and articulated goals. Coaching is a powerful practice of helping you navigate change and move towards desired results, and that includes taking charge of your life.

Who Works With a Coach?
People who are ready to discover who they are at their best. People who want some kind of change in their lives and are looking for help figuring it out.

What are Some of the Benefits of Being Coached?
There are so many benefits and they vary with each person. But to name a few: gaining a clearer sense of direction, finding increased self-confidence, learning to better trust yourself, ability to look at things from a different perspective, greater fulfillment in work and life choices, and much more.

How Will I Know if I've Found the Right Coach?
This is a really important question because it is essential that you find a coach that is right for you. You'll feel comfortable in the sessions and you'll be challenged. You'll feel smart and empowered and good about yourself. You'll look forward to each session. You'll know the coach sees you as a creative, resourceful individual that is capable of making good decisions. You'll trust the space the coach has created for you and feel safe to explore, reflect and consider new ideas.

How Long Should I Work With a Coach?
Typically, many clients will experience something called "the dip". It usually shows up between weeks 3 - 8. What happens is that although motivation is high in the beginning, change is challenging and it's easy to drop out on yourself. In other words, talking about action is one thing, but taking action is another. And since change does not happen over night, it is recommended that clients work with a Coach for a minimum of three months to get support in getting past the dip. Following this, the length of time you work with a Coach is based on your individual needs and desire for support as you go through the process of making change. However, any amount of Coaching is beneficial, whether it's one session or many.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Our coaching relationship, as well as anything we discuss during our session, will be held in confidence. Forever and ever.