Kind Words

My experience with you is that you are an amazing space holder, a compassionate listener and a gentle empowerer.  Honestly, many people strive to do coaching, and I feel that coaching is more than what you do - it is who you are. Just wanted to say thank you and kudos. 

~ Lysa Appleton, Career Coach

The treatment was so great. You are a great Practitioner and wonderful at holding space for me. You help me ground and become aware of my body and my stress levels. Thank you!

~ Benna Keoghoe, Registered Herbal Practitioner

First of all I want to tell you that I think you're amazing at what you do! I don't sing praises easily, trust me. You are definitely meant to be doing this type of work - helping others go beyond old boundaries. Thanks so much for your brilliance and support!!

~ Elizabeth Hurst, Mindset Coach

The Reflexology treatment was wonderful! I've been waking up in a more relaxed state and feeling better energy levels throughout the day.

~ Emma Fitzgerald, Author / Artist

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In one consultation, Lisa helped me map the constellations of the stars that were whirling around in my head. Looking forward to more of her coaching. I highly recommend this pro. 

~ Steve Murray, Sales Representative

Your treatment was amazing! As you know, I suffer from PTSD due to events I was involved in with the military and as a Sheriff. Your weekly treatments really ease my anxiety and other symptoms of PTSD. I highly recommend it to veterans; retired and active, as well as First Responders. Thank you so much Lisa.

~ Patrick MacDonald, Retired Military Veteran

When I first met Lisa many years ago, I knew instantly that she would be an invaluable teacher to me. Because of Lisa’s influence I have learned to manage my finances and confront issues around scarcity and abundance. I have learned to clarify, visualize and communicate what I need. I have learned how to integrate wholesome body care into my daily routine and how to create more balance between all the aspects of my life. Most importantly I was inspired to study compassionate communication, which has transformed my life. Lisa’s colorful palette of skills has brought so much harmony, hope and clarity to many of the conflicts I’ve experienced in my life

~ Selah Koile

I felt so wonderful after our Reflexology appointment on Thursday. I am continuing to have more emotional shifts into joy and well-being and feeling forgiveness towards myself and the past. So wonderful! I definitely attribute this to the work you've been doing, and thank you for helping me get back into receiving and well-being mode!

~ Spomenka Bizic, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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Feeling great. You help me relax in deep ways. Thank you!

~ Nancy Hunter, Writer / Yoga Therapist

Whenever I feel stuck with my position in life, I turn to Lisa. She is a kind, caring, compassionate being with an understanding of how to get things moving again. Her organizational abilities stretch beyond the physical realm. She has an intuitive understanding of emotional and mental barriers that get in the way of reaching one's true potential. With her keen listening skills, she is able to hone in on a situation and devise appropriate tactics to move through a challenge. Her compassionate communication methods are an asset to her process, as she is able to be clear and direct in her approach.

~ Kerrie Bennett, Mama Magnifico

Everything you do during the Reflexology treatment makes the experience so relaxing.

~ Camilla MacLeod, Mom Extraordinaire / Office Manager

Lisa, you are one of the people in my life who is constantly inspiring more realness and authenticity. I look forward to every moment we have together and know that it will feed me. I know I will be heard. I know that there will be someone who is curious about me and where I'm at in my process instead of judging me. You live life so fully, it's inspiring. I see the way you throw yourself so deeply into whatever you do. I love that. I am so happy to know you lisa. 

~ Tad Hargrave, Marketing for Hippies

I have come to respect Lisa's honesty, her ability to listen and truly hear the core of what a person is trying to express, as well as the clarity with which she can see complex situations. She is lovely and insightful, and is consistently able to help me make forward progress when I'm feeling stuck. She is a Kick-Ass Woman! 

~ Erinn Doncaster, Doula

Lisa's reflexology sessions are such a wonderful way to unwind and de-stress. Lisa puts great care in offering her skills and welcoming you into her neatly kept space. I would recommend anybody to benefit from this gentle, relaxing experience on a regular basis.

~ France Badaire, Doctor of Osteopathy

I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! Thank you for helping me realize my options. 

~ Lien Cayer

I believe that the most important skill a person can bring to the task of helping someone else is to be a good listener. It would be impossible to be helpful to a client without taking their own personal needs and difficulties into account.

Lisa, I felt that you were sincerely listening to my concerns and ideas as I attempt to organize my own life plan. Your understanding of the emotional component of getting organized, combined with your practical approach of putting an effective plan in place, made me feel quite confident in your skills in this area. As I continue my own journey towards putting my life in order, I hope to employ the philosophy you shared with me.

I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of your services and I wish you continued success as you help to make the world an easier place to live in.

~ Sandra Kofalvi