Kind Words

 "The treatment was so great. You are a great Practitioner and wonderful at holding space for me. You help me ground and become aware of my body and my stress levels. Thank you!"
~Benna Keoghoe 

"The Reflexology treatment was wonderful! I've been waking up in a more relaxed state and feeling better energy levels throughout the day." 
~ Emma Fitzgerald

"I felt so wonderful after our Reflexology appointment on Thursday. I am continuing to have more emotional shifts into joy and well-being and feeling forgiveness towards myself and the past. So wonderful! I definitely attribute this to the work you've been doing and for helping me get back into receiving and well-being mode. Thank you!" 
~ Spomenka Bizic

"My appointment was soooo relaxing. I enjoyed an evening at home decompressing and getting a good night's sleep!" 
~ Kelly Burgess

"Feeling great. You help me relax in deep ways. Thank you!"
~ Nancy Hunter

"Your treatment was amazing! As you know I suffer from PTSD due to events I was involved in with the military and as a sheriff. Your weekly treatments really ease my anxiety and other symptoms of PTSD. I highly recommend it to veterans; retired and active, and first responders. Thank you so much Lisa."
~ Patrick MacDonald

"Everything you do during the Reflexology treatment makes the experience so relaxing."
~ Camilla MacLeod