What is Your Worth?

Where do you stand on this within yourself? And how did you come to determine what your value is? Imagine a newborn baby. Any person with a heart views a baby as a valuable human being. Why then might any person's sense of value depreciate over the years? Wouldn't you think that as a person gains life experience, and they develop their innate gifts, that their value would appreciate? If we were to believe that every person has something valuable to offer - a reason for being - imagine how much happier and self-fulfilled each person, hence the whole human race, would feel. And the thing is, this is absolutely true. You matter. You belong here. You are valuable.

The problem is we often base our self-worth upon others' acceptance of us. In other words, we allow other people to determine our value. People who have no idea of what lies behind the surface of our skin - the vast riches that live within the inner landscape of our being. In fact, the only person that knows the totality of who I am is ME. And, the only person that knows the totality of who you are is YOU. So why would you leave it up to someone else to evaluate your self-worth? Sadly, many of us did not have this awareness as children and the imprint of others' opinions about us may be deeply seeded in our being and negatively affecting our self-worth to this day.

For example, if you look at my elementary school report cards, you would see that almost every teacher reported that I was easily distracted by others and therefore did not do as well as I could in my school work. In other words, I wasn't working to my full potential. However, the truth is I was not interested in the subject matter they were teaching. Another truth is that from a very early age, I have always been most interested in learning about people. In fact, if my teachers weren't so determined to force-feed me the academic curriculum, they may have taken notice of the natural abilities I had with people and fed my interest in that area - with such subject matter as human behaviour and psychology. Because in truth, I could be very focused and attentive, especially when relating to people. So looking at it this way, I was working to my full potential, but instead, I was labelled as a class disturbance and penalized. This is a problem in the educational system, but it's a whole other subject that I won't get into here. However, I hope you get my point about how you might be carrying false impressions of yourself, passed on from others, that aren't actually true.

So how do you sort out truth from falsity and discover who you truly are? With a lot of self-reflection. That's right, taking a long walk down memory lane. This can be done solo, or with support. In my experience, there are some things that will be hard to face, and the ego will use every trick in the book to avoid looking at it, so it is very beneficial to have a skilled person you can trust to help you navigate the tough stuff, so you can get beyond it. Once you clear out the clutter and discover your truth, you can start creating your best life. Don't wait. Do it now. For the good of your soul.

If you're interested in uncovering some of your own hidden untruths, contact me to find out how I can support you in this process. I've been there myself, and I'm here for you with an open heart.

Have you identified any of your own false impressions of yourself you've been carrying around?

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Photo credit: Faith Nolton