It's Never Too Late

Yesterday, as I was bringing a no-longer-needed pattern into my conscious awareness, I found myself saying to my friends "I can't believe it took me this long to realize this!"

But time doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm now aware and can release the old pattern. Time is irrelevant to the spirit. I realized it exactly when the time was right for me. In fact, there were a series of events and people in my life that were necessary for me to experience before acquiring this piece of my puzzle.

And this puzzle, by the way, will never be complete in my lifetime. The pieces of this puzzle will continue to come to me until infinity. This is my work. The work of healing, awareness and the enlightenment of my spirit. All of my experiences, actions and choices are part of this process of my work. My real work, not my job. My job is part of it too, but my healing is my work. 

And many hands make light work. Let me help you do the work. Get yourself some support and make it easier on yourself. You deserve it.

Lisa xo