It is Now Forbidden

A member of my community, Jane Storey, took her life on January 25, 2012. 

I think of her as I send this out to all of you....

It is now forbidden

to cry without learning;
to wake up one day
and no longer have dreams;
to become afraid
of your own memories…

It is now forbidden
to not smile
in the face of adversity;
to stop fighting
for those who you love;
to abandon it all
because of your fears;

or to give up in making
your own dreams come true.

It is now forbidden
to pretend we don’t need
understanding each other;
to place less value
in the lives of others;
to ignore each of us
has a unique path to joy…

It is now forbidden
to give up on happiness,
to abandon optimism,
to quit improving ourselves;
to believe the world
will be a better place without you.

~ Alfredo Barreras

(This poem was shared with me by Katie Guitton, who brought it back to us from her travels in Chile.)