Truth or Lie

Just when I think I've got it all figured out, something happens to let me know that I don't know a damn thing. I know I do this as a coping strategy to soothe my internal fears about the unknown. Why do I have this need to know? It's a big inconvenience because then my mind makes up stories, and I actually believe them! My own Fairy Tales that may, or may not, come true.

Frankly, at this point my life looks nothing like my parents', or any of the fairy tales from my childhood. Nope. It's all new and different, and I'm trying to navigate my life as best as I can knowing that nobody else has ever walked this path. There are no maps or directions carefully printed out for me. Looks like I have to blaze a new trail and trust my intuition. It's my best bet.

I can take into consideration everyone's advice and explore all the options, but in the end, it's what feels right to me that is the right action. I can't always read what's in the hearts and minds of others', but I can certainly tune into my own. Trust in that. It's my best bet.

Whenever I'm feeling insecure about following my own path, I fall into the path of the status quo, and, in my experience, I always feel like I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like I should be somewhere else. Or, I'm extremely bored. Strong signs that I need to get back on my own track and be who I'm supposed to be in this world.

My best supporters are the ones who want to know what I want in my life, and encourage me to go for it. I surround myself with people like this, and I seek them out when I'm down and out. They lift me up, not with their advice, but by encouraging me to be me. And this is the best support a girl can have.