The Stories We Tell....

I'm talking about the stories we tell ourselves to make us feel better about being in a place we don't feel so great about because we can't see a better alternative [enter 'The Unknown']. The familiar can be a comfort zone, even if it's an unhealthy zone, because at least we know what we're dealing with. In the 'Unknown', we don't have a clue what we'll have to deal with. And. that. can. be. very. scary. So scary that it may cause us to stagnate.

I do it myself, and I see lots of other people doing it too (thank god I'm not the only insane one on the planet!).

Here are some glimpses of my 'stories' I've gotten caught up in that have arrested my own development (this is all in the past, of course, because I'm 'so over' this now and my life is perfect - my 'Story of the Day'): 

  • Even though I'm not happy in my job, I'm sure every place I work will be the same (so I stayed there way too long)
  • This relationship is not meeting my needs, but maybe I'm 'too needy' (so I stayed in it waaaay too long)
  • I can't do THAT. People will think I'm a freak! (so I didn't do it)

Guess what? I was telling myself these stories because of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). But....beyond every fear is a Freedom! That's right. Freedom from that place of unhappiness you're stuck in, and a chance to make a choice to change your life. To have a new and different experience and feel the energy of being alive (rather than numb and stagnant).

What stories are you telling yourself? Put them aside and step into the Unknown. I'll meet you there, and we'll dance in the aliveness of reclaimed life energy.

You'll know what to do once you get there. Trust your Self.

Go for it. Open yourself to new possibilities.

And if you want help figuring out what those new possibilities might be, check out this guy, Alex Baisley (his workshops have inspired me so much).

Follow your Big Dreams....