Hell, Yes!

When making a decision, ask yourself if the answer to making a particular choice is a "Hell, Yes!".

These two little words will keep you on your true path. Because your true path is marked by the things that light you up.

(Note: Feeling uncomfortable because you're trying something new and different that will lead you to something great is normal, but don't let that stop you from moving toward the person, place, or thing that makes you say "Hell, Yes!")

These are two little words for a simpler, happier life...swiftly and completely cutting away anything in the gray area.

If it's not a clear "Hell, Yes!", then you don't have to figure out what else it could be. You don't have to weigh out the pros and cons of the maybe. Because if it's not a "Hell, Yes!", then it's a "Hell, No!" It's that simple.

(From the book, Hell Yes! by Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin)