The Winds of Change


I'm feeling it in the air, and I'm noticing it in my life.

So the question is: "What's to come?"

And the answer would be: "Wait and see!"

Not very reassuring in times of change eh?

You may be wondering why things have to end, especially if they're going well.

Or, you might be screaming inside wishing that *&^%$ thing would come to an end!

Either way, one thing for sure is this - change is constant and inevitable - even if you don't do anything. Yes, do nothing and change will still happen - perhaps a little more unpleasantly, but it will happen.

Sometimes I wonder about this chicken and the egg theory. You know, which came first?

I wonder if there's already a blueprint in place for my life, and I'm experiencing it as it unfolds. Or, are my own thoughts manifesting how my life is creating itself.

Since I'm always looking for balance, I'll pick both to be safe (oh, guess I want safety as well).

So, this means I'll be conscious of the thoughts I'm dwelling on and expressing, AND I'll also be open to new opportunities that may come as a surprise.

Another thing. These changes, whether conscious or not, are going to teach me some kind of life lessons. And learning is good right? Yes, learning is good.

So, no worries - just learning. That's what's to come. Phew!