What is Your Worth?

Where do you stand on this within yourself? And how did you come to determine what your value is? Imagine a newborn baby. Any person with a heart views a baby as a valuable human being. Why then might any person's sense of value depreciate over the years? Wouldn't you think that as a person gains life experience, and they develop their innate gifts, that their value would appreciate? If we were to believe that every person has something valuable to offer - a reason for being - imagine how much happier and self-fulfilled each person, hence the whole human race, would feel. And the thing is, this is absolutely true. You matter. You belong here. You are valuable.

How To Grow the Soul

I tend to think of the soul as a garden that needs regular weeding. This is not a small garden. It is vast and infinite - so big that it would be too big to tend to all on your own. And you don't have to. Doing what you can, no matter how small, contributes to the greater whole - the well-being of the Soul. I see myself (and you) as one of the many gardeners, each tending to our own part of the soul-garden.

When I'm feeling not-so-good and tangled up in emotions, I know I have some weeding to do. I could keep myself busy in other ways and ignore the weeds, but they will continue to grow bigger and stronger and will eventually overtake the garden, inhibiting the growth of the flowers and the vegetables. In other words, inhibiting the growth of the collective soul. So, giving attention to the weeds is the first step in cultivating the growth of our own soul-garden.

Same Old Issue Arising? Here's How To Get Rid of It

Today I found out that the last man I was dating, who mysteriously dropped off in communication, was seen with another woman. I was crushed and confused. We'd had fun didn't we? I thought we had so much in common. But not only was I confused and crushed, I was also angry. Ripping mad actually. And even though I had made a great case in my mind towards this, it was obvious that my girlfriend thought I was overly charged up by this, especially considering the shallowness of this short-lived "relationship". Gulp. She was right.

It was then that I asked myself the same question I ask my clients when their emotions seem highly charged relative to the story they are telling. And that question is: "Does this situation resemble another experience you may have had in the past?" It certainly did. And it was a situation that I've dwelled on for so long, that I actually drove a friend crazy because she was so tired of hearing about it.

Why Emotions Can Be a Pain in the Ass!

Last month, I was lying flat on my back for a few weeks on a heating pad. It was the only position that gave me relief from the extreme pain in my ass (which reached up into my lower back and also shot down my legs). It hurt to sit, it hurt to stand. I couldn't think about anything else. The pain was all-consuming. Initially, I attributed this to lifting heavy boxes (despite the fact that the actual pain didn't show up until a few days later). Then my mother said, "you've got the Morrison-back", which made it sound like a hereditary problem (and this wasn't the first sore back I've had, so I thought there could be some truth in that). But when my Osteopath suggested that I might have a slipped disc, I started looking on the internet in search of some information. This is when I came across an article suggesting that my pain in the ass could actually stem from an emotional problem. I knew it to be true and here's why...

Everything will be Alright in the End

Today I had one of those days where fear and self-doubt crept into my psyche. Yes, it happens to the best of us. When my bestie was not available to give me a good pep talk, I went through all my usual coping strategies when left to my own devices. 

First, I used a strategy given to me by my personal Coach. I wrote out all of my negative thoughts onto a page until my head was empty. Then on a new page, I rewrote everything in the opposite and positive form. Let me tell you this process alone is very transformative, and I also threw in some EFT along with it. The final step is to burn the page with those negative thoughts. That's right. Burn it.